Coolcatteacher: The Ultimate Professional


Looking over different educator’s twitters, I stumbled upon Vicki Davis, better known as, @coolcatteacher. She seemed approachable, and fun, so I began following her and instantly became engaged.


Her posts are truly inspirational . Her career is her passion , as it should be. She shares not only how to become a better teacher, but ways to do it, and keeps young educators like myself on our toes about new and emerging technology and curriculums across the nation. I have learned so much in a week of following her, that I just want to keep learning more. There is an entire world of education, I have no idea about. 

Scrolling through the list of who she was following, I was a little stunned. Everyone is an educator. Or involved in education in some way. It really showed to me just how absolutely involved and informed she is about all different types of education, and how helpful this is in the grand scheme of things.  I myself tend to stick to talking to Early Education majors. Its what I specialize in. But she on the other hand, had Early Ed teachers, Linguistics professionals, high school history teachers and even us college students. Her broad range of knowledge is commendable, and such a good example for people like me. She broadened my own horizons, and made me realize that just because I teach a certain age, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t know about what is happening in my school, district, state, and country as a whole. As educators, we should unite through our passion and careers, and work together to keep moving forward. Needless to say, after scrolling through I followed about twenty more people. I’ve read more articles on education in my free time because of coolcatteacher, then I have in my entire life, and I’m pretty excited about it.  #accomplished #futureofeducation


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