Facebook Feigning.


No Facebook for a week. Sounded like a fairly simple task.




I could do tons of other things. I could actually do all of my homework in a timely manner, I could read a book, I could make cookies…. or I could give in and go on anyway.



I really completely surprised myself with this assignment. I truly didn’t realizejust how often I was using Facebook, and how much I had become addicted over the last few years. I lasted the first night. It was fresh on my mind, and I was determined. I watched T.V. instead, and I did bake cookies. Small victories.

And then I woke up the next morning .

I don’t think I even realized that Facebook is apart of my daily routine. I woke up, rolled over, grabbed my phone, and instantly clicked on my Facebook app. Why, you ask?

I DON’T KNOW. It was literally natural for me. It was a daily routine to scroll down my news feed, catch up with the world, and then go back to trying to get myself out of bed. ( Which always takes much longer then needed). It dawned on me after a few minutes , what I had just done. Just one day after the assignment, I lost. I was so reliant on this social networking site, that after less then 24 hours I was back on. The worst part is, I wasn’t even that interested. It’s not that I absolutely HAD to go on and see what was happening, I just did, because it is what I always do .

After that first day, and becoming extremely frustrated with myself, I decided to try again. This time instead, I became hooked on twitter. It’s fast, and informative, and fluid. New tweet’s pop up constantly, and at the time of the Boston Bombings, this was a perfect way to stay up to date. I lasted longer during this stretch. But I still could not stay away from social networking. It is a perfect distraction when I need it.  It’s how I communicate. It’s how I read during the day. It’s what gets me through long and boring classes, its how I express myself.

It’s taken over my life, apparently.

Maybe I should take up painting. This is getting a little ridiculous…


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