First Amendment & Social Media don’t mix

ICloud (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Image via CrunchBase

ICloudReading Tweets of rage: does free speech on the internet actually exist? By Nilay Patel opened my eyes to the way the internet really works these days. The First Amendment claims that we have freedom of speech, but when it comes to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, I’m sorry to tell you, you don’t. Even apps that you think are personal to your own computer, like iCloud, are controlled by Apple. “Apple can pre-screen and delete data from your iCloud account if it finds anything ‘objectionable.'” So what does that mean? If they don’t agree with a picture or video that I upload to that file, they will delete it because “they said so”? It’s not up to them to decide what I have on my phone and computer.

Trevor Timm states, “The top decision maker at YouTube has more censorship power than any Supreme Court justice,” he says. “We have to develop policies that better protect free speech from not only government interference but also corporate censorship.” We should not stand for this. The government says we have “Freedom of Speech” but we really can’t just post anything we want. Do I think it’s right to post hate crime and pornography on the internet? No. I think people should make some real use of their time and find another online activity. But if they need a place to vent or blog out their issues, they most certainly should be “allowed” to. Who are we to say that they can’t think or say their opinion on a certain subject matter?

So there you have it. You can’t post anything you want on Twitter or Facebook. Youtube will take down anything questionable and your iCloud pictures will be deleted if they are “objectionable”.



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