Well, this is pretty serious…


While reading the article How Companies Learn Your Secrets by Charles Duhigg I started to question the majority of my shopping experiences, and what was more frightening was that I started to question to methods that my part time job uses on shoppers and on me directly. Apparently companies such as Target and Shoprite have ways of tracking our purchases and basically ways of studying our lives to make us more “comfortable” in purchasing all different types of products from this. 

I work at Shoprite and until reading this article I didn’t realize how true this all is. At Shoprite we have coupon machines that track your price plus card and print out coupons that we “recommend” for you. I’ve also noticed that customers that shop there regularly are more apt to buy toys from us or health and beauty aids even though it is more expensive. 

I am fascinated by the fact that company’s actually put that much thought into their marketing and I’m not sure whether I should be impressed by this money making strategy or creeped out. Honestly I think I’m a mixer of the two, but mainly creeped out. Image


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  1. Thinking about the idea that these companies can track everything you buy is kind of uncomfortable actually. They can look back and see everything you have ever bought, and even though they might think that this is a smart marketing tactic, I think it’s really stalker-ish and an invasion of privacy. Now the next time I go to ShopRite or Target, I’m probably going to have this stuck in the back of my head. It’s just another thing to be aware of, but I’m not so keen on the whole idea that they have going here.

  2. The whole tracking thing makes me very uncomfortable, too. But honestly, I don’t think I was too shocked. I knew that companies did something like this to its customers, but not so much to its employees, which in my opinion is much more scarier. When you apply for a job, you fill out a form which requires you to put down a lot of important information. I know that the companies cannot disclose this to others, but the fact that they still have this information is frightening. I am sure that if these major companies are tracking their customers, they are tracking their employees as well.

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