Teachers teaching us how to tweet, who woulda thought? @WeAreTeachers



As a future educator I find it interesting that I never really realized the amount of networking that comes along with becoming a teacher. I would imagine that this is not the way that it always was considering we didn’t always live in a technology, blogging, social media, obsessed world.

Last semester I remember one of my education professors telling me how important it is to turn to social media and networking to try and put your name out there and get a job. I did not realize how true this really was until I searched for educators and education groups on twitter, who would have thought that there would be so many? 

The main twitter group that I found to be interesting was one called We Are Teachers. This twitter group is made up of multiple organizations and teachers who tweet about lesson plan ideas and things that are going on in an educational environment  People who are also involved with this twitter account inform us on ways to incorporate social media sites that our students may enjoy. An example of this was one tweet that had a link attached that had a lesson plan that involved ways to incorporate pinterest with using education at home. I found this twitter to be the most helpful because so many different types of people involved with education contribute to it. 

So if you are ever in need of some educational advice I suggest looking up fellow educators on twitter. It’s a fun and easy way to get lesson ideas and communicate with fellow teachers and students. 


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  1. That’s actually an interesting phenomenon. However, I do feel that teachers, among other jobs, should definitely be networking with each other! Things are always changing in the education field, so I feel like it’s important to be able to keep up with your colleagues. Especially when it comes to teaching each other new methods to teach, maybe that’ll keep the work place an interesting place!

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