Let’s take some time to reflect


For my introduction to writing arts class I had to make a “Pecha Kucha” (say that three times fast, it’s caused me many issues) presentation with my fellow blog members. Guess what it was about…FREEDOM! After we accomplished that assignment we were asked to reflect on all that we have done and our experiences with blogging. Hopefully this is useful to fellow bloggers and fellow writers. 


A Walk through a Slide:

During my part of the presentation on freedom my last slide, slide number five, basically summarized my entire point.  During the presentation I discussed different views on the lack of consequences on the internet. Clearly the internet is not a very controlled environment. People can post what they want, when they want, and there isn’t much anyone can do or say about this. Due to freedom of speech we can bully each other and pretend to be whoever we want to be. As I said, through facebook, I could tell the world that I am a tall blonde with blue eyes. For anyone who knows me this statement is anything but true. By pretending to be someone I’m not I could emotional scare people that I don’t know personally. This isn’t breaking any laws and isn’t technically harming anyone. So my question remains, should this be changed? If so, how? I’m not exactly sure of my stand point on this. This is way the picture that I chose for slide 5 was so fitting. To explain further the picture on the slide was a question mark made up of people. I found the fact that the question mark was made of people to fit right into my presentation because that’s what my focus has been all semester, how freedom affects us as people in relation to technology and social media sites. I feel that there is two ways to look at this situation. Firstly; although people aren’t getting physically hurt, their emotions are seriously being messed with. A great example of this is from the MTV hit show Catfish, which analyzes online relationships that are built off of lies. Should there be some type of penalty for doing this? Some type of way to control people from pretending to be someone they are not.  Or should there be no law or consequence because we, as Americans, have freedom of speech? This topic gets more complicated as you study it more and more. That’s why I figured that the picture of the question mark was the most fitting for my last slide and for my part of the presentation as a whole. 


What I learned about my blog Topic:

When beginning this particular module I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t know how we would be using technology such as blogging and twitter to learn more about our writing techniques. When I found out that this class basically revolves around our group blogs, mine being, How free is freedom? , I was pretty excited. Blogging is something that I have never ventured into and realized that I actually enjoy. Obviously my group picked the topic of freedom, as it relates to the internet. I knew nothing of this topic before this blog. I actually never put much thought into my daily routines of using social media websites. I never thought about how people may be scamming us, which the article “How Companies Learn Your Secrets” , discusses.  When I first heard the topic of freedom I just assumed that there wasn’t much to be said about it. Yes we have freedom of speech, so clearly we can type out whatever we want. I learned that there is so much more to it and so much to the way that technology hasn’t just evolved but so have we.

The internet is a tricky tool. It gives us so much power. Basically everything we need to know is at our finger tips the second we press the power button. As discussed before we can pretend to be whoever we want to be. The article “Who Am We” by Sherry Turkle, is all about this. The internet has given us this. It has given us the freedom to be whoever we want, to find out whatever we want, and to become more powerful through words. This freedom is and could be a great thing when it is used properly, but what about when it isn’t?

Cyber bullying has been a huge issue among teens and has resulted in suicides across the nation. People have been emotionally hurt and messed with for years. Should there be a stop to this? Should there be consequences? Because when you really think about the word “freedom” and how it applies to our nation, how free is freedom? 


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