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Twitter Reveals An Inspiring Art Teacher


When we had to start reaching out to our professional communities on Twitter, I began to follow many wise people in the field of education. Their tweets unlike all of my followers and even those this particular educator isn’t one to update her Twitter very often, after reading her page she is the one that interested me the most.

Her name is and she is a Suzanne Tiedmann and she is an art teacher for Pre-K to fifth grade students in South Brunswick Nj. I think what really had me most interested in Suzanne and her page and who she followed and such on Twitter is the fact that I have always had a love and passion for art just as she does. It has always been something that I have loved and I wish I had the talent and creativity to make a living out of it as she did. Through her career, Twitter page, and followers, her love for art and teaching is completely evident.

After analyzing her followers, I realized that many had to do with her passion for art and education, such as SupportArtsInSchools @KidsNeedTheArts . This account focuses on bringing attention to the issue and raising money for art programs in schools by creating visual and creative art projects. Following this account shows not only her love for art but her love for teaching as well. Keeping art alive in schools for the children is something that she seems to advocate and care a lot about. 300px-Brush_and_watercoloursTiedmann also follows a lot of art teachers as well, surrounding herself and her twitter feed with familiar ideas and issues. Art educators seem to take up a lot of her following spots, whether they are friends that she has acquired in her career, or just fellow educators with a love for art that she would love to hear ideas from they seem to be who she follows most. She does however follow other educators as well that are involved or concerned with new teaching technologies. This means that she is probably interested in the new technological developments in teaching as well and what they have to bring to the classroom.

By observing her Twitter and her followers, I have come to the conclusion that Suzanne Tiedmann is someone who truly cares about what she does in her professional community. She is passionate about teaching and bringing art to children hoping to inspire them just as much as she has been inspired.