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Twitter Reveals An Inspiring Art Teacher


When we had to start reaching out to our professional communities on Twitter, I began to follow many wise people in the field of education. Their tweets unlike all of my followers and even those this particular educator isn’t one to update her Twitter very often, after reading her page she is the one that interested me the most.

Her name is and she is a Suzanne Tiedmann and she is an art teacher for Pre-K to fifth grade students in South Brunswick Nj. I think what really had me most interested in Suzanne and her page and who she followed and such on Twitter is the fact that I have always had a love and passion for art just as she does. It has always been something that I have loved and I wish I had the talent and creativity to make a living out of it as she did. Through her career, Twitter page, and followers, her love for art and teaching is completely evident.

After analyzing her followers, I realized that many had to do with her passion for art and education, such as SupportArtsInSchools @KidsNeedTheArts . This account focuses on bringing attention to the issue and raising money for art programs in schools by creating visual and creative art projects. Following this account shows not only her love for art but her love for teaching as well. Keeping art alive in schools for the children is something that she seems to advocate and care a lot about. 300px-Brush_and_watercoloursTiedmann also follows a lot of art teachers as well, surrounding herself and her twitter feed with familiar ideas and issues. Art educators seem to take up a lot of her following spots, whether they are friends that she has acquired in her career, or just fellow educators with a love for art that she would love to hear ideas from they seem to be who she follows most. She does however follow other educators as well that are involved or concerned with new teaching technologies. This means that she is probably interested in the new technological developments in teaching as well and what they have to bring to the classroom.

By observing her Twitter and her followers, I have come to the conclusion that Suzanne Tiedmann is someone who truly cares about what she does in her professional community. She is passionate about teaching and bringing art to children hoping to inspire them just as much as she has been inspired.






facebook iphoneLast Thursday night, my professor challenged my class to go exactly one week without using their Facebook account. At first I thought nothing of this. This was easy. Who really needs Facebook anyway? Well I have the app on my iPhone and I never knew how much I actually clicked on it through out my day. I use other social media apps like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, but they just didn’t seem as fun without little old Facebook to go on as well. For instance, whenever I post edited pictures on Instagram, I automatically click “share” on Faceboook and Twitter when I’m about to post the picture. I posted a picture of my eight month old nephew this week on Facebook, even though I wasn’t supposed to be using it…it’s just a hard habit to break.

So this week I had to force myself to click around on different apps on my phone instead of using Facebook. What did I do before I made a Facebook account? Well I made a Myspace account when I was in ninth grade. I thought I was soooo cool. Now when I look back on that, I can’t believe how boring that website really was. I used to get so frustrated with making stupid backrounds and fonts. Facebook is straight forward and user friendly. I suppose another social network will come out in the next five or so years that’s better and more popular and we’ll all leave our Facebook accounts in the dust.

I learned a lot about myself from this past week without Facebook. I learned that I go on my Facebook way too much. I mostly use it to kill time between classes, when commercials come on the TV (because God forbid I’m bored for three minutes), or when I should be writing papers for class because I’ll be happy to log back on tonight after class but do I need to go on Facebook and read peoples’ whiney posts? Nope.

Is The Internet Stripping Us Of Our Freedom?


As Americans we are given the right of freedom of speech, but with our sources of communication grow and adapt to the new typesof technology that freedom of speech might slowly be slipping from our fingertips when it comes to communicating via the internet.

Twitter has fastly become one of the most used social networks on the internet today. In fact as I am writing this right now, four of the group of six people that I am sitting with are checking their twitter accounts on their phones. But don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of using twitter  just as much. Whether it is tweeting something sad, or happy, or exciting that happened, or just checking to see what is going on in everyone else’s lives on my twitter feed, I’m constantly on the site or the app. Twitter is a place of communication where so many go to express themselves and communicate with others. It is also a public website where you control your words and you, as the account holder, should be able to express yourself and say whatever you might want in order to do so. However, this is becoming the opposite of what the internet and websites such as Twitter allow. Twitter has the power and decision to delete any tweet, post, or message that they dislike, whenever they feel like. Why should they have the power to do this? Why should they be able to control the expression of your thoughts and your writing? Writing is one of the greatest forms of expression and being denied the right to be able to use that form of expression and share it with others is just wrong.

The article, “Tweets of rage: does free speech on the internet actually exist? “even says that Apple has some restrictions to their freedom of use as well. If you are using iCloud, you might need to be careful of the things that you decide to back up on it. Apple has the ability to view the items and even delete them if they find them “0bjectionable”. Not only is Twitter limiting our speech on the internet but now we are being stripped of the freedom to save and back up certain items that we do not want to loose?

These companies are taking over our right to freedom on and off of the internet and I strongly believe that this is something that we need to stand up against and fight for our cyber freedom. 



Tweets of rage: does free speech on the internet actually exist?

The Right to Tweet


twitter     We all remember the days we used to spend hours on MySpace, commenting on each others walls and pictures. Then all of a sudden Facebook came along and you didn’t have to make stupid backgrounds and pick colors out for your profile page. Facebook was more straight-forward, to the point and user friendly. Now Twitter seems to be taking the reigns in the social media world. You can be anyone you want to be on Twitter. There’s little room for a biography and it only allows you to have one profiule picture to look at. Apps on smart phones have made it easy for users to have multiple accounts on these social media websites so if somebody doesn’t want everyone to know who they are on Twitter, they can switch over to the account with no picture and tweet what ever they’d like.

I’ve seen several methods to how users get thousands of followers, for starters being famous helps. Everyone wants to follow their favorite celebrity and they’ve been known to tweet just about the strangest tweets out there, and then we all hear about them on TMZ or E! News within the hour “Lindsay Lohan just said (insert tweet here).” or “Rihanna just posted the most provocative picture (insert picture here).” When you are famous, you get have your little official blue check mark next to your name and of course just having a Twitter account can guarantee them at least 100,000 followers. They don’t even have to post anything interesting!

I’ve learned that “retweeting” celebrities, your friends, or that random account that posts funny sayings (and that are good for a laugh so you follow them anyway) can definitely get your “follower” numbers up there. Twitter only allows you to post a tweet with 140 characters, but that doesn’t stop people from tweeting how they really feel about that “crazy storm” that just happened or the “horrible traffic” they’re stuck in, omg…that’s never happened to anyone before! Or the infamous weather updates as if I don’t have The Weather Channel app right next to my Twitter on my iPhone. I find that I have to keep my sarcastic, “Thank you, I didn’t know it was snowing outside because I don’t have twenty windows in my house to know that” to myself. But I’ve grown to accept the blatantly obvious tweets people post all day because that is basically what Twitter is used for now, status updates or silly fragments of a sentence. It’s their right, and who am I to judge?